To remember that you guys can remind me cuz I probably will forget here and there now I do use my cutter cutting out these these.

Are these called man the little icon the cut aparts cut aparts mm-hmm Vince if you need to take this Mike you take it whenever you have it cuz I cannot even I have my glasses also good nut she can’t even I can’t even seen it I don’t watch my mistake I made.

But I love that hmm I love hey I don’t like that no oh it’s too busy but.

I love that her job ends good job I’m also gonna dig into my stash hey Brenda if you need any solid color cardstock I’ve got all Brutus’s colors right over here oh wow so we can get into cut solid get into that if we need I’m gonna use.

Some oh I’m gonna cheat it also if you need any perfect rulers.

I got those too I’ve never used them okay these.

Are cool you’re gonna like these all right you’re gonna want to own some of these okay.

So I always like owning something oh I don’t need it oh well P you’ll need it like her well P I’m gonna do something else can.

I say poo on here the problem we on somebody’s probably really mad at me right now I’m sorry I said.

I said that I’ve got a potty mouth today oh well and I’ve lost my ruler so you’re really facing here.

Me be upset okay and I’m the first one to do it I know she always warns me okay.

Did a live on Facebook today and I yelled nobody say any bad words as I was pushing the button and I thought somebody one day is gonna yell bad words when I say that yes to three but you know there are they are always in here yep but they I have a worsnop and they do um so four and a half so I want to do this four and.

Three quarters by three and a.

Quarter it was a cutter I get it on four and three quarters by three and a quarter but I need three and a quarter twice so that’s six seven.

Just give me one second that’s six and a half.

Okay so I need six and a half that’s why I don’t know four and three-quarters that’s why I don’t use a ruler because I can’t read them sits in a have about four hundred quarters and I’ll tell y’all.

Why in just second but if I tell you now forget what I’m doing so let me cut it then I’ll explain it 4 and 3/4 tall and then six and a half wide so I’m making a little flip door a little booklet.

And I wanted to have some of the black stick around the edge of my picture here because I want it to really pop on this red stripe so I thought I needed that and then I’m gonna score this and fold it in half so.

That this will sit here and be a little door but I think I want to put a little like handle or something like a little oh those little things I said I love from the ephemera pack and you look at those see if they’re work yep let’s just I’m sure they will.

Color I want I’m doing my cutter parts first because if I have to stop and think which one I want and cut.

It apart I bring two hold on I have to tell you don’t forget you can make your little books with them too bad good cuz I love.

Those I don’t care I love the flip books oh you’re right thank you watch flip we’re good nothing’s ruined.

Photo Album With Maymay And Brenda Part 2

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