This flip up orientation oh I’m glad I looked at this I want to do pockets.

That go along the page but I can’t do it.

Here cuz this is gonna be that’s interesting I’m glad I thought about that this is gonna be a back page this needs to be hmm I gots to think about it while you’re thinking about that I’m going to show you what I’m doing my page here I want to use this paper which is the back of the wood and I want to use it but it’s not quite as big as this but I’m gonna cut it anyway so I can save this.

Larger piece for something else for the back so I’ll be having I can you know utilize my paper that way that’s.

Not what I’m all about let’s see how much we can get out of one thing I don’t.

Really got to think this I gotta think it out cuz oh I know what would be cool here hmm hmm we’re watching her brain work yeah it’s really really working right now really really fun to watch see my page doesn’t quite fit on there but that’s okay I got to decide which.

Way I think I want it that way and that way I have this hole we’ll have sheet of paper left.

Can use the wood or I can use the snowflakes either one because I’m gonna put some pages that aren’t on the black in there and hey I proud of me I used my cutter I am proud of you I think that I’m gonna make it remember this I fell in love with this right yes so I think I’m gonna make a door can see where this.

Will be that will work to flip up yeah I think I’m gonna make a door out of this to open and do something over here for journaling cuz member I want to put our Christmas picture behind it correct okay okay I got something I got some direction got an idea I do now I don’t I just have a piece of paper down yes this straw makes.

Me so dizzy ah this what this particular struck right yes particular windows I’m not a real stripey person but you know what since I’m covering up most of this page with other stuff I’m gonna use this piece that’s not my favorite.

Again any time I’m gonna cover it up mostly but I still need it.

I’m gonna use the piece that I noticed a comment I will use it eventually I throw stuff in the floor I pick it up later I had I’ve noticed a comment that they didn’t like the fact that I covered up that pretty wood I’m gonna use it somewhere else oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I always do that I don’t really have a problem using double-sided paper I.

Don’t either I decided a long time ago I was gonna stop buying.

As many single sided because I feel like I I feel like wasteful when I.

Have one whole sheet how do I explain it like.

I get this one sheet and I use one corner of it and then I wanna use a different one this way I’ll use a whole page because I’m gonna use both sides of it.

You know I don’t not explain that I mean alright so here I’ve decided to put mine down lower and I’m gonna this is a.

Pocket and I don’t mind that it’s this way because I’m gonna put something on the side no I am dry running this I’m just putting this piece on here for now and I’m gonna go in and poke my holes so I’ll know what I need to avoid on the front just so I know where I’m at yep I’m gonna try.

Photo Album With Maymay And Brenda Part 2

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