Up stop I’m set that is so cute the pocket that is so cute a couple of the things which are I got a stop yes we got a stop I got a page started yet because I’m not sure but it’s gonna go like this good name yes that is darling let me stick something in there to.

Show that it’s a pocket look at that I love that so much love it well there you go guys we did two pages let’s show what we did a page.

And a half did a patient’s sort of hunt kind of one let’s.

Show these now that we’ve got done we’ll put those in the scene or I’m gonna clean everything out but those because I know that’s distracting there you go what do y’all think we’re coming right along I think it’s coming good I think so too we’ve got two more days technically mm-hmm and we should be able to finish this no problem I think so I’m not gonna be able to use all of my paper I have a lot of.

Stuff I’m not either and that could make two I think we could but you know why Brenda and we need to say this everybody.

– we decided to do a six by six album so we would fit in our screens for you guys to see it yes when you use a six by six album you’re using a lot less pay paper plus you.

Can get four pages out of one I don’t want ya so we’re using a lot less paper but if I was doing like an eight by eight or a seven by something it would be different yes yeah oh that’d be great like if you’re doing it like us like if you’re.

Doing your cover like maybe put part one you know.

Put my photo or whatever we call it and then part one and then just keep adding them we love your photos one page yes is inspiration as much as 12 pages are exactly that’s cool and that gives other people ideas also that looks awesome I love driving yours I’m like oh you made one of those things I did yeah I went ahead because I.

Like the way it matched I want some of those in this album I’m not done those but I love I’m in it in the class you did that one time yeah but I want to do a couple of those and these and these are great and I’ll tell you something else I do own these I’ll.

Just put a hole in the picture yeah yeah and glue two pictures back-to-back and put them in it too also but I like the colors that we’re using oh you can put as many pages it I put my glasses on can do you put as many pages as you want yes but yeah.

Many pages we want to see all of them I want to see what you’re doing with this paper pack what you’re doing with Brenda is what you’re doing with Amy but.

If you’re doing this from your from your stash share it with us you also can share on our Facebook group I don’t get on my Facebook group.

As much as I’d like I’m trying to I’ve got too many social medias we put.

It on our Facebook group which is May May made it and so did I and you can also tag us in any social media it may may made it so if you post on Instagram just tag hashtag May made it and then I’m gonna do some videos to explain this but if you hashtag something I get notification that somebody did it because I follow hashtag May May.

Made it okay I’ll explain that in detail another time yes all right guys there you go we’re gonna head out and we’ll see you guys again tomorrow same bat time same bat station there you go I’m ready we’re gonna do it bye y’all.

Photo Album With Maymay And Brenda Part 2

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