Hey guys it’s Mei Mei and today I have my trusty sidekick here yo beanies here and I also have Brenda with us hey gang I’m so ready to get the second page done so we decided it would be cool to bring Vince in to have a moderator because yesterday was really hard for me and Brenda to try to.

Keep up with comments by ourselves so today we have vents with us but here’s the situation he does not have a dedicated microphone so he might be a little.

Paler to hear or he’ll grab my mic when he’s talking so we’ll see what we can do so just don’t worry we’ll make sure we get him hurt so if you have questions and comments Vince is gonna be moderating so.

If you haven’t been here before let me tell you what we’re doing Brenda and I are making albums out of 6×6 chipboard and I’m using the paper pack called oh you’re in my stuff that’s gonna be a problem in it all my stuff is there there’s gonna be a problem I did not hear you ask me that mine is Santa’s workshop.

And mines Christmas Amanda would you bring Vince.

The laptop roll around cart that’s what he needs and then Brenda’s doing Christmas from Carta Bella which is gorgeous and so we started yesterday and let’s hold our covers up to the screen so they can see so I know getting used to it and look we fixed the screen so you guys can see us right today we’re upside down and backwards and we zoomed in so that we listen.
To your suggestions yesterday so this should be good today so here’s.

The deal I decided to do my holes at the top so my albums gonna open like this Brenda where’s yours on the side you know her hers will open to the side so this is my.

Front and let’s stir the back I did this on the back someone said they couldn’t quite see my back so explain what you did because I don’t think they saw.

That when you were working on it okay this is the black I just took one of the neutrals and just kind of tore it like it was old.

Like you’ve had it for a while.

Stamps up there and I wanted something on the back to say so I just put be filled with the magic of.

Christmas on the back that’s what the book is all about so she’s she’s a paper terror and I’m a paper petter my stroke my bad I love I’m a paper pitter.

So I struggle with the whole tearing of it but I can tear paper maybe y’all maybe your challenge me today we’ll see what happens yes so today we are going to do I’m assuming here yes you want to go on the inside no let’s do them let’s do.
The back of the fur on its back of the cover so we’re gonna flip the.

Cover over and work this way today now I’m gonna do what I had talked about before you may not do this but I’m gonna build off of here and then glue on to.

Here so I don’t rip stuff off does that make sense yes I know my dimensions so I’ll be good yeah all right let’s look for paper that’s the fun part.

Right you had a dream last night I did my dream last night was that I was gonna build some more.
Stuff on the front of course.

But we’ll do that after it’s all finished oh you’re gonna add to the front something about that so veiny hey you love my front it has a deer on the front it’s a doe alright I’m going to do so because I’m doing I want to talk about this one because I’m doing this album.

Photo Album With Maymay And Brenda Part 2

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