We’re now looking at the ladies in the print tunic this is out of this visit only price so you’re at $59 today now we have small/medium medium/large large extra-large and a plus we have it in the black-and-white the coral plant and the blue print and this one totally machine washable ladies as we love with artisan this is such.

A pretty one and it’s got a nice length to it love the little ties so you can tie them up like janessa has or you can leave them relaxed.

And open the way that Connie’s done it you can we just finished launching at a.

Huge gift show where we launched our spring and summer collection and this was one of the fan favorites this is one of the tops that everybody seemed to gravitate towards because again like you.

Said Renee it’s it’s legging friendly so it covers the tushy it’s got that length.

To it the toggles in the front are beautiful with a little with a little stud.

Detailing at the end the slits the subtle slits on the side as.

You can see on Connie and it’s a border print which is really interesting so it’s it’s it’s a lot of fun it looks like you know you you know the designer that it yes looks very much like it’s got fabulous ity or miracle matte jersey fabric that washes like a charm doesn’t wrinkle roll it into a ball looks amazing and the girls I believe are wearing um Connie’s got the leggings and genisys.

Got the ankle pant the denim ankle pant that looks fantastic and I think Melissa still has on those leggings from before but oh yeah you’re wearing the jeans are you wearing the pull on jeans leggings yeah she’s.
The love naeun leggings so this is the coral this is the block and.

The block has not only the border print but then it has like a color.

Blocking at the end and this is the blue and the blue has these subtle details of coral as well which is great this would even look fantastic with a coral bottom yeah I think we’re even a little white you’re white G the white team’s just look look how.

You know wonderful this this one actually we have this amazing does our our photos I have a beautiful photo.

Of her in the catalog wearing this with the denim it’s it’s it’s a great outfit and again if I were to not have on heels if I were to be just.

Wearing a you know a subtle little ballet flutter and SP this would look just as cool so love love this one this is amazing gorgeous color soft fabric and again when you think about the non wrinkling factor so you get to your destination you don’t want to look like you know you’ve sweating it and you’re wrinkling and you know this is gonna be that perfect travel top are you going somewhere maybe you’re going on.

A cruise maybe somewhere for merch break are you looking for those pieces that you just put on you feel really comfortable it breeze with you and you look polished exactly and if you wanted to.

Change up your look you could leave it you could leave it open and have a V or if you tie it up you’ve got like this little keyhole detailing.

Sizing small medium large extra-large and a plus and like I said it’s 40 $59.

99 today so you’re saving you’re saving $10 with our this was an only.

Price which we love when we can give you a little bit of a deal on things.


Artizan Border Print Tunic

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