Havin ideas it’s finished here welcome back to my channel so today I’m gonna be bringing you a different approach to my videos and as you can see I’ve got a beautiful nail polish organizer here to share with you and I can’t do my normal setup because the fact is in a snow burger it’s not going to fit on.

My desk and with my normal camera setup so I’ve actually moved down to the floor and I’ve got my camera set up.

In a different completely different format you know quite high up so that I can get the whole of the case.

And so this beautiful nail polish organizer has been very very kindly sent to me by the solid Beauty concepts so I’ve got the name just right there and it’s an amazing polish organizer as you can see it’s made.

Out of plastic so it’s see-through so you can see straight into it and at a.

You know polished collection is or if you want a particular color or a particular brand you can see it straight away now the organizer itself is made of a.

Sturdy plastic and it’s double-sided so it actually does have these hinged lids that are on either side and the case itself does hold up to 48 bottles of Polish so they will stand quite nicely in each of the sections so there’s no worry about them banging together and breaking and things like that the plastic itself is really thick it’s not flimsy or anything like that it’s some very very well made the actual hinge itself is strong and the clip system here is actually like a double clip so it snaps into place really.

Nice and securely and it actually has a little lever there that you just pull up and so it’s really nice and easy to open and it does come with these little inserts here along one side and the great thing is that you can actually use it you know with the different sizes of the compartments to store things other than nail polishes so.

You might have brushes and things like that that you on a store and one part of it and maybe some glitters and things.

Like that too so you’re not restricted to just having nail polishes you can actually.

Use the sections and customize the spaces in between to suit what you want to put in your case so the other great thing is it’s got a little and it does come with a frito separator so that’s included in every case so these are really great phone ones and yeah great for separating those toes when you want to do a pedicure so it does have a a sticker that comes on the outside it is actually.

You can easily peel that off and I will be doing that when I use it because you want to.
Be able to see what all your polish and polishes that you’ve got a new look.

Has got an amazing sturdy handle there so you can use this if you’re on the.

Go so you don’t have to use it just for storage at home it’s a great case for if you want to go and visit family and friends or if you’re a nail tech or something like that that you.

Actually want to take your nail polishes and things with you on site and you’ll know that they’re going to get there safely because of the fact of how well this.

Case has been made so they’re and they actually do have a a guarantee that they have with these and they it’s like they also have a 30-day money-back guarantee so they do guarantee this product and for whatever reason and they will actually you know replace it at any you know at any time if you’ve had any issues with that within a one year and so they have a one-year warranty as well for it.

So you can try it risk-free if you want to for 30 days or once you’ve purchased it you can register for the warranty and there is actually information on here and you can rest.

Assure that you’ve got a quality product that will do the distance now for my viewers I’ve actually got a 10% off discount code and it’s just monisha em so we’ll have it on the.

Bottom of the screen for you also I’ll have all of these information and details and things for you down below with a direct link of where you can find this amazing case from on Amazon so I mean there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to give it a go I mean the you know you can try it risk-free and things like that but I mean who.

Doesn’t need a nail polish storage storage case I know that I definitely need one because my.

Polish collection has grown steadily over time and in the three years or so since I’ve been doing nail art my collection has outgrown all these storage facilities I’ve got for it at the moment so I’m always looking for something new so I.

Excited when I was approached to review this for you because I thought well this is definitely something I need and the timing couldn’t have been better now you’re probably wondering what measurements are of this case I’m gonna sort of just give you a I’ve got my I couldn’t do it with my roller because obviously the case is so big so I’ve just got to.

Take me sure and so if we’re working in centimetres you’re.

Looking at it’s a 35 centimeters across and fairly seam two meters from top to bottom and if you want to include the height of the handle I’d probably add another four centimeters on so say about 34 that way and if we’re looking at the width I.

Would say it is 8 centimeters across and if we’re working in inches you’re looking at just over 3 inches deep by 13 and a half inches wide and about 11 and 3/4 down and then if you’re including the handle I’d probably add a little bit extra so we’re looking around about the 13 inch mark from handle.

Down to base so like I said before it’s really sturdy it’s like it’s you know like it’s nice and flat on the bottom so it’s going to stand up really well to access your.

Polishes obviously you just open little clips on the side they’re really easy to.

Open and then you can pop your bulk polish bottles on there so we’ve all got different sized bottles and different shapes so it’s going to be interesting to see how they’re going to fit within.

This area here but I’ve got a few bottles that I’ve pulled out of my you know my own collection there are different sizes and shapes so I’m going to just sort of give it a bit of a a go and you can see that those silly hints and ones fit in there quite nicely and if I’ve got this you know it.
Closed you can sort of give it a jiggle around and there it and.

The quite nicely even if they do roll to give that they’re not going to bang into each other so you can see that they do send there quite nicely.

So a different shaped bottle you might have us say the the old Revlon ones and you know that you can see that they fit in there quite nicely too then we can move on to.

Something that’s a little bit wider and maybe you’ve got OPI in your collection so your OPI is going to sit in there quite nicely too and even though these are deeper they’re still within the.

Parameters of the actual and you know the compartment there you might.

Have some say you know finger paint polishes let’s give those a go and it looks like they’re gonna fit in there really well too and then medam glam those another big sort of polish bottles as well so and we’ll pop those in and they look like they fit in perfectly so you might actually have smaller bottles like say these little.

Born pretty store ones that they’ve come out worth and I was actually interested to see if I could actually fit more than one in a compartment and I haven’t actually tried it off camera but I suppose you could sort of lay maybe one on top of the other I’m not sure if it’s going to close oh no she still does close and you can still see that other one.

Behind it so I mean there is an option if you don’t mind having them like that but the other thing I thought of you might want to put them maybe in this area here and you know have them one on top of the other that way so they sort of still within a storage you know compartment but you sort of got to to get that so that’s another option and then you might have say like Sally Henson extreme where one so they all fit in.

There quite nicely I don’t think you’re.

Going to get away with two because that’s actually.

Above the the depth of it you see he sees a popular brain yet they for them you nicely tow and then we’ve got mo you.

London so there’s like circular ones and they fit any noises but the other option is you could put them say because I’ve got an pork at saan the tops of mind so they’re going to be a little bit tall about normally you would actually be able to fit two of them in there it’s just because I’ve got the little.

And color dots that I do to identify the colors but you can actually fit to my a London ones and me quite well so that’s another option.

For Mayor London and you’ve got your Nicole diary one is similar to the moley London just slightly taller so they’ll fit in the well too and then recently I’ve purchased these moral ones and I was actually interested to see if I could get to in a compartment and yeah I’m really pleased you actually can so that’s a bonus so you can actually get if they’re that.

Sort of shape and they will actually fit side-by-side and I’ve.

Got born pretty store ones toe so I know they’re gonna fit in that way but let’s see if I can be clever and get to and together or that they’re a little bit on the snug side so that’s not going to wait you can put them one upside down on one right way up but I.

Probably wouldn’t want to store them that way because once you’ve got the case closed you.

Gonna be upside down so that’s not for me that’s not going to actually work but yeah you can get them definitely and flat.

Way so you can definitely see them with the label side up and then I also thought I’d pull out a nicole by OPI because it’s an unusual shaped bottle and I was interested.

To see if it was going to fit and yes it does so and and I mean I really like it I like the idea that you can fit your nail art tools in here as well and and I’m gonna grab just gonna golf camera in a second I’m gonna grab some little gel polishes that I’ve got and some glitters and we’ll see how we get on with and filling up this compartment here so just one second.

I’ll be back okay so I’m back with some brushes and things that I’ve got so I sort of popped them into that department beer I did try to fit my fan brush which is a bit taller so if I did want to put that in there with the others I probably just move that maybe not me it maybe up to there and then I could actually have that with all the other brushes and that still leaves this area here so you might want to or you.

Can’t actually fit tweezers the choices would end up probably in there and then I’d probably end up using this area here for maybe some I’ve got these little cute powders and things like that from madam glam so I think they will actually fit quite nicely and here and it looks like this space actually for one more so that’s another thing you could use this area.

Here for but if you wanted to use it for just exclusively.

For polish bottles then you’ve still got that capability of doing that with you.

Know these little separators here so yeah I really do recommend this product I’m quite excited about using it and the fact that you can actually at a glance see everything that you’ve gotten the and select your colors and things like that that you might want to do a design worse so definitely recommend it.

Follow the links I’ve got em for you down below and if you are going to be purchasing it be sure to use my discount code which is monisha em I’ll pop it on the bottom of the screen again.

For you and I’ll also have that down below and thanks again to solid beauty concepts for sending this out to me off and I really really like the post a lot and I’m gonna have lots of fun using it I’m.

Sure and there’s lots of people out there that will be interested in these because I know I’ve and been wanting to get one for a while and I think.

It’s just the perfect thing you could buy it as a gift for somebody that’s crazy about nail art and even if they’re not if they’re into beauty.

And things like that I mean this is going to be great for storing lipsticks and eyeshadows and things like that to do with beauty you can also and use it for art and craft things or if you’re into some sort of hobbies I’m sure you could use these.

Little compartments for other things other.

Than just nail polish so you know the sky’s the limit you know did lots of people do hobbies in that these days so you could actually buy this as a gift for somebody and you know that needs extra storage for for whatever so thanks again ladies for stopping by if you haven’t done so already definitely subscribe to.

The Nail Polish Organizer || Solid Beauty Concepts || 10% Discount Code Manisham

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