Hey guys so today’s video is going to be another fashion video for fall so I am so so so so so excited about fall and I’m so glad that it is finally here so to get you guys all prepared I have decided to do a two-part video about everything that you might want or need for fall so it’s.

Gonna have two videos and the first one which is today’s video is going to be top 10 fall essentials so.

These are just your basics that everybody pretty much needs for fall and then the second video will.

Be your top 10 fall trends of the year so if you would like to stick around and see the top 10 fall trends video as well as the essentials I’m going to.

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More fall fashion videos and fall related videos in general but with all of that being said let’s go ahead and dive into our top ten fall essentials so let’s just go ahead and get started with.

The very first item that I’m going to show you guys which is a pair of shoes so one thing that I think everyone needs this fall is a pair of.

Over-the-knee boots so over-the-knee boots are huge this year and they are a basic that you can wear with almost any outfit so my personal favorites are suede ones and I have went ahead and chosen.

These guys right here because they are flat so you can literally wear them every single day they’re very casual but you.

Can also dress them up with that over-the-knee look so.

You can wear these with just some jeans and a nice blouse or you could dress it up with a dress and a cardigan so.

Whatever way you want to wear these I think they are perfect these guys are just from Nordstrom they are in this beautiful taupe color I absolutely love them and I love this detailing right here down the side and basically they just have zippers on the inside for you to put them on so these actually come in a regular calf and a wide cap so for all of you girls who have bigger calves don’t worry you can definitely get these boots and they are fabulous so literally.

Anyone can wear these and they also come in black and I believe gray so no matter what color you wear the most you can always grab these and they will go perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe ok so essential number two is a coat so no matter where you live you’re definitely going to need a coat whether that be a light coat or a heavier coat so I have a few different options here.

For you today for all different climates and styles so first I’m going to grab this coat right here which is from H&M.

And it is just a beautiful beautiful beautiful gray longline coat so this one is fairly inexpensive I actually just picked this up for myself and it was $60 so really not bad especially if you have a discount code for H&M you can get this at a really good price for a nice coat so this one is literally one of the softest and most comfortable coats I’ve ever put on my body I.

Absolutely love it and it’s big enough to wear you can wear sweaters underneath it and you’re gonna be fine and like I said it is that long line coat style so it goes pretty.

Far down and it does have two small buttons right here that are kind of hidden once it buttons so it just kind of looks like that and I absolutely love this for colder climates I live in a place that gets pretty cold it’s kind of in the middle.

It’s not like California but it’s not like up north so this will be absolutely perfect for me okay so the next option is a great option for literally anyone no matter where you live and that’s a really cute suede jacket so I have this one here.

This is from Nordstrom pretty sure it’s still available and it comes in this green color and I believe a pan or a brownish color I’m not sure but anyways everything will be linked below as always so like I said this is a beautiful suede jacket it is.

Amazing quality and I love the detailing on it has these beautiful buttons here and all the zipper detailing zuv everything and this is a pretty heavy suede jacket so it’s definitely going to keep you warm in the fall time but also if you’re in a climate that maybe doesn’t get as cold this will still be effect for those chillier nights when.

You want to dress up a date night look this will be absolutely perfect for that and then if you’re in an area that really does not get cold at all.

Or if you just experienced one of those days in fall that’s just really not that cold at all this is a great option this is just a really cute acid-wash jean jacket from Target so anyone can get this it’s very affordable I think it was.

Like 30 bucks and it is absolutely stunning so I got mine super super super oversized because that’s what I wanted but you can get yours in your normal size and just wear.

It as like a normal jacket or you can opt for the trendy kind of version and get it really oversized I love this jacket it’s really great quality and obviously a really great price and.

It goes with almost everything in your fall wardrobe okay so moving on the next essential that I have for you guys is a turtleneck so I know not everyone is a fan of turtlenecks and I totally understand that sometimes it can feel a.

Little smothering and everything but I do think they’re really cute for the fall they’re a great layering piece you can put them under any jacket or a cardigan and I think it looks great so I do have two options for you here so.

If you’re the kind of person that does not mind turtlenecks and this would be a great option for you so this is just a turtleneck from Urban Outfitters so it’s just plain black but it comes in all different colors I think it comes in black white green maybe I’m not sure but it is really nice so it is just this ribbed material hopefully fanned kind of see here but yeah so I.

Really really love this material it’s washing me out in the camera but it’s very very stretchy so it literally will just conform to any shape and the turtleneck is a little not tight but it’s like it.

Top 10 Fall Fashion Essentials | Build The Perfect Wardrobe This Fall!

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