This is true okay so let’s talk about Siri search first let’s show you where Siri because I don’t even think you are sure about it and this is I think this is Apple’s fault I do blame Apple because what they do unfortunately with with the settings is very confusing like some apps have settings in the app some apps.

Epps most apps have settings in the Settings app and.

The Siri you know you might be tempted to look in general but if you go down a Siri and search oh well that has its own entry now.

And this is where you’ll see the series shortcuts and these are suggested let me turn my brightness down sometimes I’m just too smart for everybody how about that looks a little bit better so the suggested shortcuts are based on and we were talking about this before the show is this stuff you do a lot or is this just whatever you did recently.

I I have only asked for the precipitation forecast once I think maybe though what happened here is notice these three are all from dark sky when I install dark sky on the phone and said oh well let’s add because dark sky supports Siri shortcut so let’s add a few of.

The things you can do so if I wanted to add this it’s easy did you see what I did there these are the suggested shortcuts this is the easiest way to add a.
Shortcut I’ll press the plus button it says.

Add to Siri and I must say is it going to rain and now that’s my phrase so.

If I do this let’s see if it works hey Siri is it going to rain this bothers me every time I have too many Siri devices yep yeah.

I’m serious I’m still talking to her you can press the buttons again let’s do it that way right is it going to rain and now and this is the only thing I don’t like it takes a little longer yeah that one wasn’t too bad because I could actually what let’s just see you if I ask mine is it going to rain it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain so was better and it was in a British voice well and that’s also something built into Siri right but it’s gonna show.
Me the weather app not your dark sky which you prefer well frankly you got.

Not only did you get it faster you got a better answer cuz look that shows all through the day all I got was this and then I have to tap this to.

Watch dark sky now I happen to like dark sky once I get into it but yeah so maybe don’t have it do things that Siri can do natively well that that’s.

The thing but Siri you never know exactly what she can do or like is it going to rain as one that’s pretty basic but then there are a lot of things.

Like you could ask Siri to play your podcast that’s pretty easy if you have Apple music like I’m not podcast playlist so like I say play my magic mixtape and look how fast that was but if you could still do it Spotify or other things that support Siri shortcuts but then it has to launch the app you think I don’t know but then actually I don’t.

See any music apps in there um that’s nice and you could also but then you have to say.

Play my playlist your dog or is that just a random dog that’s from unsplash so but then looks a little like et I made a shortcut through this so the other way good series shortcuts is through the shortcuts.

App which you have to download separately it’s an iOS app.

Create Siri Shortcuts With Ios Apps

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