Hi guys and welcome to another vlog and today I’ll be doing some that they’re really different and as you know it was yesterday and yesterday I do not do any blood so today today’s vlog is going to be something different today is going to be a special edition vlog so today I’m going to talk about the various things.

You can do on the internet like online hats internet hats popular hats or whatever you call them so this is today’s selection of a few computer hats just for.

You first up we have this website called.

My fridge for dot song where you select what’s in your future like these are the most common ingredients in the fridge so you can select any of these ingredients and.

After you do it gives you a pop recipe I will just show you how to does that let’s see what all I have so I’m a vegetarian and I live in idea so a lot of this ingredient like Buffalo or we are liquid and Turkey and your pork chops and sausages and all are not.

Fridge because I’m a vegetarian but I selected all these other ingredients which I do have even now so it takes some time and are you though so these are all the recipes that we can make using these ingredients so like when you come from somewhere and you’re really tired you.

Don’t know what’s in your present you want to make some recipe then what you can do is just go to this website and select all the ingredients that you have in.

Your fridge also at that time and just a few recipes or any health conscious or something like that then you have all this calories fat table protein.

Etc you even put in time so all these are a small piece with less certain time some have lots of time but others are late let’s select that as well I’m a vegetarian if I select this earlier and filter recipes so it hides that be fun so I could really use these recipes.

And it gives you a proper like detail stepwise prescription I mean recipe a little steps to make that and it also gives.
You everything career so bring if we’d like brand friendly version let’s.

See what it does my internet is a bit slow so it’s loading it’s like taking forever over here and have this website owns money is its advertising like there are so many.

Arts Pizza Hut Airbnb and you know all this Elan muscles awesome flamethrowers and Russian journalists myths on that and net neutrality and all this smoking weed and Netflix and California is on fire this is stuff like that yeah so finally dead load and.
Now it’s loading preview so you might know how to does live you get a bad.

Idea then he will spell next up we have this thing.

That is a photo puny on website which gives it different effects like for Halloween also there are many efforts and they run up one of these events which puts you up for under $100 bail it’s like I don’t know Photoshop I don’t know it either so you.

Always can use this online tool to do this all lines are in the description alright so you can give your drawing to any filter I.
Mean your photo any filter and.

Okay after you’ve done this you need to use these images so you can always do that at canva.com so what it does is it helps you it helps you to do this that is a thumbnail for this video or my subscribe channel art so it’s actually nice like it helps you to.

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