In the last video we set up IAS and then we quickly tested it by going to localhost on our browser to see the is splash page in this video we’ll be setting up PHP to run on iis so the first thing I want to do is I’m gonna go ahead and press the Windows key and I will type.

In iis which will allow us to get to the.

Internet Information Services is manager and.

This is basically the control panels of iOS I’m gonna have this window open and the next thing we’ll do.

Is we are going to open up our web browser and we are going to search for web platform installer and go through Microsoft’s website and install the web platform installer and once it’s finished downloading I’m going to double click on it now agree and I’m gonna go ahead and install like yes and I’m gonna pause the video front so it looks like I finished installing so I’m gonna go ahead and click on finish close out on this close out on this let’s go back to our.

Is manager and I am going to just refresh this page looks like refreshing the page didn’t work I had to close out of the is manager and essentially just reopen it again once you that you’ll have a web platform installer go ahead and double click on that and then we will be searching for PHP and there are a few PHP.

Items that I typically install um typically we’ll get the latest version so right now it.

Looks like it’s a PHP 7 point 1.

7 so at that I will also install the cash extension so I’ll add that most likely try to get that to work see.
What’s going on here well these look good since I’m doing 7.
1 I don’t need to cash installer for some point all so I can X that out I’ll close that and then for most people you guys will need to install the sequel server drivers so this one for me I’m going to in another video manually installed the drivers so that I.

Can connect to reserve once that’s set let me just double check everything looks good now go ahead and click on install I’ll accept to the license agreements and then.

I’m gonna go ahead and pause the video while this installs now that it finish installing looks like we have a prom which is the PHP manager for IAS there was a problem installing it everything else installed successfully that’s okay I’ve seen this before so in order to get the.
PHP manager for iOS to get installed what we need to do is because the.

PHP manager failed to install and it’s most likely because I’m using a Windows 10 machine the installer just doesn’t work with it so the best solution I found online and it’s easier than editing the registry and install met 3.5 and all that stuff is to just download and install the PHP man PHP manager manually you can grab the PHP manager from from this particular website which I’ll also put into the comp or indict into the show notes but the website.

Is PLT your dot-com / PHP manager and here you can just download the MSI file and then essentially install it as administrator and once you finish with that process when you go into the iis manager you will also see a PHP manager which then when you.

Double click will give you access to easily change different versions of PHP allows you to edit the ini file which we will be doing shortly as well as other features the air logs and so forth so having a PHP manager it is optional but it’s very very useful it’s a very handy tool to have especially later on when you need to upgrade your PHP version and sometimes you have to like go back to kind of work through some incompatibility issues with your app so now that PHP is installed or the PHP manager is.

Installed and prior to the PHP manager being installed you were to install on PHP itself let’s go ahead and test to see if it’s working so I am going to go to CI net pub dub-dub-dub root and then I’m going to go ahead and create a a simple PHP page so let me just fire up.

Notepad and just do an easy typical echo hello world type of thing and I’m gonna go ahead and save it as test the PHP I’ll throw that into the dub dub dub root folder and now when I go to localhost four slash test dot PHP it should say hello world and there you go so we just set.

Up page P so in the next video I’ll show you how to set up your machine with github so that you can then do version control see you then.

Full-stack Developer Environment Setup Pt. 2 : Installing Php 7 & Php Manager On Windows 10

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