Here we go all my ladies and gentlemen I would use my other one we screen corner you can see my face but it’s not coming up for some reason I found a place I’ve mailed out the packet they’re saying they’re taking me on as a tenant I find it suspicious too in fact the reason she’s taking me on.

Because I don’t have anyone so suspicious that they also picked up my tuition to brown tissue took.

It out well make it and stuff like that but that’s a different blog that I have done but I have.

Zero raised like I said before I need I have it right here she’s asking two months rent for the security.

Deposit that comes out to one thousand three hundred and eight hundred I’m sorry $1,380 okay it’s right here this is what I need I have that down for my um thing here I have it down for fifteen hundred it is 1,500 1,500 I need help with the security.

Deposit I can’t do this on my own people I don’t have the money all right and now the neighbors are trying to screw up my video here I’m trying to make for you.
Guys so this is just going to play that I have a screen recorder that.

With this screen recorder you have to time it ahead of time I can or I can’t get it off the shut off so I got so this is gonna go on for five minutes here so I’m at and so please help out if you can I also got the wish list down if you rather buy me like a three dollar item because right now I really.

Need the funds raised when your security deposit and honestly I’m not trying to take your asses unless you want me to do blogs.
And the streets because that’s where my ass.

Is headed whatever people I’m minutes we measure time to three minutes so much my security deposit needs to be.

I hunger like this you can see me ever camera going 24/7 people this goes on my day and night.

Channel camera shitty but if I go to a restaurant.

Or something this will clear up like you won’t believe someone’s gonna control my laptop hacker this is the hallway cam if it comes up and tilting you see the toilet and this is filmora you go here record media record from webcam record.

TV screen in court voiceover this comes up and this is what I’m using right now because my because I pay for both of them I have to repay this year just like cost me 30 bucks let’s cheer for this four year license so look at this this is a scan screen quarter you where you can see my face they use when you see my face right now I’m just wasting times please give.
My up coffee feels I don’t know when it’s down when it’s been the.

Five minutes and something when this lights up Michael tonight did I can tell.


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