Good evening I’m Sheree Glade the Dean of NYU Wagner on behalf of NYU Wagner it’s my distinct honor and pleasure to welcome you to tonight’s debate this is the third debate in an exciting new series we have launched with our partners at the Century Foundation and we are thrilled to have such a large and eager audience join us.

We held our first debate in early March on the topic of free public education public college and the second just a few weeks later on immigration reform both debates proved to be informative engaging and.
Even fun discussions and I know tonight’s debate will be.

The same we at NYU Wagner have a long history of making an impact on public service both here in New York City and around the globe for over 75 years we’ve been preparing the world’s public service leaders to have an effective and lasting impact on the public good through a curriculum that blends theory and practice our students gain skills and experiences that enable them to address significant public problems and actually get things done our.

Alumni all over the world apply their education to make real improvement in people’s lives through healthcare international development urban planning nonprofit management finance and many other fields part of making real improvements is understanding all perspectives on an issue conversations such as tonight are vital to encouraging.

Public discourse and developing the best possible policy.

Solutions these debates are an opportunity for thought leaders practitioners students decision-makers in any interested citizen to hear varied perspectives on relevant and timely issues tonight’s topic on the intersection of security and personal data is relevant and important to all of us as citizens of the world as has become far.

Too evident with the attacks we’ve witnessed in many places Paris Brussels closer to home and San Bernardino our safety is not guaranteed as citizens we often take for granted that our government will keep us.

Harm’s way but at what cost technology’s role in our lives continues to grow and we increasingly roll out rely on our devices please turn them off to communicate work and manage our day-to-day.

Routines that raises the question of what access the government should have to our.

Information well giving the government that access make us safer or is the infringement on our privacy too.

High a price to pay we are so pleased to welcome tonight’s debaters to delve deeply into this important and.

Challenging subject I want to offer a warm welcome to Farid bart and edward and thank them for being with us tonight whether in person or from thousands of miles away for read you bring a unique perspective grounded in the history of American foreign policy and I’m eager.

To hear what you have to say Bart you’re one of this country’s premier and celebrated journalists and I know you’ll do an excellent job tonight keeping for Reed and Edward in line we’re also very excited to have.

It would Snowden join us via live video while you may not be able to feel it personally Edward the energy in this room tonight is palpable I understand that while you’ve participated in many interviews.

National Security Debate, Between Edward Snowden And Fareed Zakaria – 2018

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