When you’re not feeling secure about that job let’s talk about ROI welcome back to another video we’ve been exploring this whole idea about quitting and how there’s a right way to do it in the hard way and these examples we’re providing or leading us through that path of figuring out how planning can make it the right way instead.

Of the hard way I have an email here from somebody who’s struggling through this idea of the jaw being taken away from them they’ve experienced the company going through changes and of course the natural thing to think is well get fired I’m gonna get let go they’re gonna replace me a million thoughts can.

Go through somebody’s head when restructuring is occurring as such the easy thoughts are hey I’ll stick around and they’ll pay me out and then I’ll get moving.

If I don’t have a career and it’s a regular job where you know you’re paid hourly home tough luck you’re gonna have to just go find something else you may not get a payout or not depending if you’re nice or not whatever and then of course you know you have the.

Other option of quitting and going somewhere better fear tells us what to do and this is critical to understand fear tells us what to do when we sit back and not take affirmative action this.

Is the moment where you look at the situation and you say to yourself what is best for me because if you’re not making calculated decisions in a situation like this well you’re trouble you’re being left to chance to risk to whatever is going to occur they’re making the decision for you you’re gonna be stuck there with whatever decision they made.

What decision you need to make for you hi because I’m worried about my job they have told me that I might be like.

Go do two rearranging of the company the structuring this is the third time in the last eight years I feel this is the one though eight years dude three times and I’m worried I won’t find a job if it happens bet you are eight years at one place what would you recommend as a.

Starting point ok 8 years 8 is a long time and I’ll tell you why it’s long especially if.
You’ve gone through three structures restructures.

Well this is the thing that you’re going through this loop and uh unless you’re gonna get paid out and you’re in a corporation that will make sure you get your package you’re stuck and they’re really just gliding you through whatever they want you to go through they don’t.

Care about you if they’re telling you they’re they might let you go and yeah you said that dude it’s time for you to pick up your socks and go hustle to find.

Another job going back to the three scenarios we’re yeah you know let’s stick it to just two one you stick around you wait to get it fired.

Or let go rather or to you get up and you go find another job and you leave simply put you look at the timeline and you say how much time do I actually have and you.

Say to yourself how much money am I gonna need and this is where you cut your expenses right away and you say.

Hey maybe they’re gonna let me go in three months so I got about three months I’m gonna put that money in my pocket that I can save cut all my expenses.

Job Security And Fear | How To Quit

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