We’re on site doing a DVR camera job for 24 cameras at the Shell gas station here houghton routes 30 clinton PA just want to give you guys a look what if it says you left here and that’s Keith up there working on the camera we’re going to unmount that one we have a new one that’s gonna be put.

In his place with night vision there was another camera off to the side over here that got hit by a truck and got knocked over we’re not gonna be replacing that one yet but we’ve done the near future let’s the remains of it right there truck hit it knocked it over took out the.

Camera check out everything this is one of the cameras that we finished earlier came out quite nice you can read license plates and everything but got lucky and we’re able to use the existing box.

But we took it down so we are saving them money as well this is their panel here that powers the cameras.

And they didn’t would have the box locked so one of the things we’re gonna make a recommendation to lock all the boxes that’s that’s a must without it someone could just come and undo the cameras and you know there’d be nothing we’ll be placing the other camera over there to read license.

Plates shortly and then I’m gonna head back over to Keith here’s a picture of the post that got hit – you can see the hit and run they knocked it over filed an insurance claim but they can’t get the person who did it because the.

Quality of the cameras that were here before were insufficient so we put in 720p cameras that are best you can get without spending a lot of money I mean those these cameras come up to two new dollars apiece and their night-vision they’re adjustable.

Focus they’re pretty impressive so a Sony camera inside then we have it all inside – a DVR that is.

A 24 channel was – three terabyte raid class hard drives so it’s not gonna fail anytime soon as you can see while we were gone he has the enclosure.

Often we came prepared with all the right adapters to break off the BNC connectors and get everything so it’s as high quality as it can be while he’s doing that I’m gonna go inside and.

Show you the DVR making a video.

Twenty-four cameras right now you can go through and pick and select what you want you can see the one that keeps working on right now is there.

There with the drill messing with it and this is the DVR that we installed it holds up the four drives it’s quite impressive battery backup down here there’s a 1500.

V a surge protector so if the power goes off its gonna keep running for hours so you know no worries there gotta love the scissor lift that comes in handy so much can make a hard job you know a piece of cake so have you have.

Any questions about this let us know this is just more than many services that we can offer we can do the already have it hooked up so you can remote in so the owner and the other.

People can remote in from anywhere we just gave them the ID and they have a password and that’s it so a lot of places have problems with a port forwarding or whatnot but you know we’re we’ve done that many times you can take care of it stay tuned for part two.

Swan 24 Channel Camera Dvr Security Dvr 1080p Setup

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