The hell I care I got youtube-channel believe me we can yes sir I know I understand what the rules are but don’t learn the rule absolutely no it’s what they’re doing I have a youtube channel I have a YouTube channel it’s just what I do I’m not bothering nobody it’s just what I do I mean it’s a hobby.

It’s a hobby I’m not bored I’m not gay or anything that you’re saying but whatever you said I mean I don’t even know why you’re here but now bother me no me me.

Me personally personally because everybody else has phones but because I’m recording you’re bothering me the only reason is because they have this the reason you spoke the reason you spoke to me is because yeah.

You are yeah you met yes you are yes okay well I’m saying you are you feel like you’re not I’m not I’m not you have a great day have a great day sir leave me alone have a great day here i’m coming behind you I’m not doing nothing now we’ve been standing here eating for all this time and you’ve asked everybody else.

To go but now that I’ve kamerad you’re asking her to go we’ve been her thirty minutes and you guys have bothered us they have a bottle on this one I am but we’re leaving we’re leaving what’s your name.

Sir what’s your name sir no it’s yours you did nice Paul I’m gonna sit with sir.

You don’t nice day you know have a nice that you said you’ll leave I don’t wasto says you’re talking to me face to face you asked me to leave.

See you lit okay totally for reading on my cock yes sir no problem.

See from have a good day what’s your name again bullshit just first name okay watch YouTube hey my name is Paul house it ends with.

House come watch come watch no check my channel check my channel out check yourself out see yourself on YouTube he said fuck you yeah oh-ho yes on camera perfect that’s perfect no he’s a charged security he thinks he can be in you.

Know yes no he’s in charge of their security I mean is he’s just bored don’t following names he ain’t doing nothing wrong first time in his life he hasn’t bothered us.

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