The sunshine of my life I just wanna see so I know what kind of crazy right now but I just sprayed it in my hair it’s like some good sleep and I have my hair like a mess in the morning because I just took a bath a shower but I took a bath as you’re in the title I’m.

Gonna be doing a my grant I wear my grandma’s clothes to school for a week challenge so yes we’re gonna see how this goes um okay so Mike everyone recently passed away um in the.

Beginning of October and it hit me like really hard but I got a lot of her clothes I got like a whole but um of all the.
Clothes that she got me yeah so she had me.

Like skirts dresses a lot of shirts stuff like that so I’m gonna be wearing them to school for entire week so.

You have to make it like cute you know like I’ll throw one like a pair of my jeans or something like that because like yeah so yeah and I’m just gonna see like though if there’s any reaction to the people on my school because they like like my fashion or something and they like look at my outfit.

I got let me up compliment me on my a fave it’s good enough so yeah so essentially guys later I’m about to go to sleep it’s like it’s.

Like 9:30 I think so I’m about to go to sleep and then I’ll talk.

To you guys this morning and yeah like please be big and puffy in the way are like things on the end it’s crunches on the end and then it’s like over a rotation and then already have pants on but just some jeans get ready really quick and then this is my shirt it’s cute okay you know my shirt you like my channel.

You know IV will react wiil scription.

Guys district oh subscribe to my channel gonna watch their video it’s really good ok so I’m back in my.

House now um it’s right now it’s about.

Four ish I’m doing my homework right now I’m just I joined the bathroom to like log because there’s no light downstairs um but yeah people would liked my shirt it’s really cute and then.

I don’t I didn’t I don’t think I asked anybody at my belt cuz I forgot I had it on yeah it was really cute.

I had my long braids in the front then I my shirt then I have my belt yeah this was also my camera’s belt I don’t know – my grandma’s belt oh yeah bye so I’m gonna see well he’s twirl and see what the next outfit is so it’s the morning of the second.

Day I marry done and I have our answer the picture of what I have for my jacket for my school my jacket what do you think of my jacket is cute you like I check it what do you think of my jacket I like you like it only good thank you it’s one of your grandma’s yeah yo my blog I’m doing it one of my grandma’s clothes to school for a week okay so what do you like I like that you think about my jacket.

Like you really still believe it okay thank you you just described because they’re watching her like so good I’m just complaining about my ex because he’s actually disgusting and I hope if.

He does see this video gang the girl stays you talk to yeah i’ma call you out how those girls you follow Ciara oh let’s talk about her she ugly a I just seen her because she.
Has saggy titties that’s all you want but.

She lives in Texas though oh you doing boy okay what I like about my jacket it’s so it feels like it’s from the 1960s hey guys so um today was.

I Wore My Grandmas Clothes To School For A Week//shout-out To Ivy&teaganwilrick