Hey guys and welcome and welcome back to my channel so today is a very exciting video because I finally got my hands on a Pat McGrath palette this is the mothership 5 palette and I was thinking I could do like two looks that I would usually do or I could do like one dramatic one that I never done.

On my channel before so guess which one we’re going for it here in today’s video not sure if it’s going to work but we’re going for it so let’s just so that is the inside of.

The palette now let’s get into this look so I’m thinking reverse smokey eye issue even though I’ve never done a reverse smokey eye before I’m actually gonna set my entire lid with this color right here and I’m literally just going to apply it like this until my MyID my lid is pretty even they’re not doing any.

Swiping it’s literally all in just a patting motion this looks like a pretty nice transition color like you see how how one is still pigmented even though it’s that.

White of a color and to Lynton pretty nice and I’m gonna take this a purple shade and start building it up just in this area alrighty then this this is the first time I’m attempting this I’m not sure if I should just go full force yeah or if I should just place the color first and then try blending it out it’s alright I did a little bit of both where I placed it and I kind of blended it out just so I could see where I wanted to stop.

Gonna do the same thing adding on a little bit more color placing it on first and then kind of blending her.

On out there if my voice couldn’t tell you you girl really does not know what she’s going for here or really doing but.

We’re really just playing along and seeing where this goes.

And then we are gently going to blend the purple.

A little bit more into that first Brown with this brown here so using a much smaller brush this is a alexey 144 just along the lines where those two colors meet we’re going to blend her out there yeah you know when you’re doing your eyeliner and just keep trying to even it out so you keep adding more.

Eyeliner and then you just end up here I mean I said we were going for a dramatic anyway I don’t know if I.

Meant this dramatically we’re not done with the eyes why I’m gonna go ahead and just.

Jump to my face makeup okay.

I got bored so I put this morphe what are you morphe this and it’s in the shade flicker on top of my eyeliner it’s still not even but hopefully it’s not that noticeable when I put lashes on now back to the palette you know I just.

Feel like auntie didn’t give us this red just for me to ignore it in this look so I’m going to use that to.

Line my bottom lash line alright I might have put a little too much on the brush there but you know go low okay and inner corner let’s do this bad guy right here alrighty then and let’s carefully so that is it for this look I feel like it was certainly a trial and error type of look but you know for my first attempt at a reverse smoky eye I.

Feel like we did you know a pretty good job there if it feels like I’m talking weird I am it’s because this class is really a sticky like type of stick so it’s making me feel weird which is making me talk weird but it’s not a lot it’s I really can’t talk it’s not about the lip gloss it’s about this eyeshadow palette so.

I used one two three four five five of the shades in this palette so about half and I would say it shows that this is a.

Pretty pigmented palettes they all show up.

On my skin tone even the first one which is a pretty bright brown there which usually would look a little you know like ashy ish on my.

Skin tone but not only was it still pigmented on my skin tone it was pretty much the perfect shade.

Skin tone as far as like transition colors go or all over the lid if you don’t feel.

Like doing that much that day you just want to throw something on there then you know I could throw that color on my lid and it would just blend in beautifully.

There as far as the shimmers the red is a shimmer and that is pretty pigmented as well however the inner corner that gold there is this shade right this shade right here and you can see what color it looks like in the pan.

Where it looks this color in the pan but you know it pulls gold when you put it on your face um oh about this shade right here beautiful.

Color obviously very pigmented but she she doesn’t fall out in her okay so just be wary about that like this there’s gold pretty much all over my face there so that’s really the only I feel like the only negative thing that I have to say here I keep staring at myself because one I’m.

Trying to make sure I don’t have any of this lip gloss on my teeth and two because you know I’m kind of feeling myself but this eyeshadow look here um I feel like you guys know this typically isn’t the palette that would excite me because I’m just more of a colorful person but when I saw the palette when I saw its watch something was just like you have to have it there’s there’s.

Always those products no we’re just looking at.

It it’s like yes I have to have it I’ve always wanted to try a Pat McGrath palette and I’m happy that this is the one that I took because.

Yes while it is still a you know natural glam work glam school glam five-minute easy makeup glam type of palette I feel like you know he’s shown that you can still be kind of daring with it there’s still some color in it and you know I guess it’s kind of a bright.

Side that it is a more usable palette because let’s face it people don’t go out and you know bright blue pink and yellow eyeshadow on a regular because it’s 125 dollar palette so at least you know that it’ll give you more use because it has colors in it that you can wear more places that’s not say you can’t wear color wherever you want to look I feel like we should know this by now with me I’m just saying you know for people who do work or who do.

Go to school and stuff like that there are some.

How creative you can be in certain places so I feel like you still get your money’s worth for the type of shadows that are in there and if you want to be a little bit more daring you can do that so that is it for this video the biggest con.

I feel like this palette had was just fall out on one shade so this palette gets a double.

Pat Mcgrath Mothership V Bronze Seduction Palette | Reverse Smokey Eye Tutorial

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