Of information versus putting someone’s life what else Tim sugalski is an adjunct professor of social media analytics here at Marquette University what’s special about tim sugalski he just went viral on Twitter by tweeting a link using a technique called newsjacking when I saw someone do it to VOC that org I was like I I want to do that.

And capitalized on something in the news it’s called newsjacking or tentpole marketing and that people are all paying attention to one.

Thing how do you capture that attention for something so this idea.

How can you use that to your advantage it also applies to voting tentpole marketing is used in many occasions regarding media and it worked first against key getting over 83 thousand likes and 51 thousand retweets from Twitter on top of getting picked up by multiple news sources over 86,000 people think on this way scrolling through my Twitter timeline and I saw that my professor had a tweet that had like thirty thousand favorites.

And fifteen thousand retweet and it said how he knew the special details about why Pete Davidson and ariana grande broke up.

So I clicked the link because I was enticed and that’s cool.

Because even though it had this reach of eight and a half million people I knew like it reached people.

Right here right at home and that was really you know then you know it’s real you know because there’s real people here and.

You know the people at Marquette and so that’s what was better than just like random strangers on the internet it was like hearing from people right here.

On campus from Johnston Hall I’m Reilly Tracy Marquette wire news..

Marquette Social Media Professor's Tweet Goes Viral

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