Yes family we are here at the WB the boys Morial center for pan-african culture here in Ghana in the capital city of Accra and yes family and if you see our group you ready now RBG all right so family this is the compound so straight ahead what you have is the memorial WB the Boise is buried or is.

Buried all right then we have his boss or statue of the man at the pan-african man himself and then when silicon a straight-ahead is his house which has been transformed into the the Boise Museum and also.

In this complex what you have is the marcus garvey guest center which is a hotel you have a restaurant and you have a nice setup which is called the African Diaspora Union so that’s the connection back where we’re gonna link you it so what I want to do is give you a quick view of actual compound all right so just a memorial the other side this is other side of the.

Boys house which has been converted into a museum I step into the back of the complex and the African American Association of Ghana does meet here I do remember being in.

The meeting here I want to say was 2009 yeah so for those who are coming that’s one of the things that you always want to link is what’s going on in Ghana as far as the roots the culture the network and so if you know you’re from America or the African that’s when you’re here in Ghana these are the Association that you can connect with so it’s once again time is the African American Association of Ghana that meets here and there’s another Association similar to that and it’s the.

Caribbean Association of Ghana no folks at myself from Jamaica and other places I’ve linked up and create a nice association so those are two associations that we have and it’s you know it’s all about networking I was coming together and doing the things you need.

To do so this is the restaurant in the back and that like some new development over there on the compound so family once again we had Adobe EB the boys Center in the center or compound you have other wonderful.

Energy so this is what we’re gonna give you that link right here BAM this is it right there a lot of wonderful group pitches over the years Marcus Garvey get center Marcus Garvey is the man you see a shirt your shirts say Marcus Garvey on their right inspired by Marcus Garvey that’s awesome.

Alright and you see the same name of money let’s.

Say name let’s say Marcus Garvey the same thing on your shirt so this is a Marcus Garvey guess Center in a complex I’m in the diaspora African forum so famine definitely when you’re in.

The city of Accra and if you’ve not been to this complex a lot of history culture a lot of information now and then we want you to connect research and do your thing hi family once again this is bomani tremor family live on revolution camp in Ghana capital city Accra on African liberation.

Web Dubois Center For Pan African Culture – Ghana Tour May 2018

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