Are you a tiger princess though if your extensions are showing hello freaky friends welcome back to my channel today we are this Tiger princess warrior I ever Tiger type job I don’t this look last year or maybe it was two years ago and I never filmed it this year’s luckier I guess listen I am very upset that I.

Could not find the right eye contacts for this it makes me.

Look like a dog instead Bru not a dog or a tiger I’m gonna put a picture here of what it looks like when you have to rely contacts of hair so do not do not judge me if you guys are new here and don’t know I am actually holding a.

Halloween competition over on my Instagram called freak week my thought wars are taking over up my page with some.

Reposting you guys and there’s.

Lots of goodies so you know if you’re not in the know now you’re in the know and all details are on.

My Instagram highlight so go check that I’ve no excuses it’s spooky.

Season freaky see then without further ado let’s get stuck in is this the worst brother cover-up you’ve ever seen possibly do we care no because we’re gonna be.

Covering this all up anyway so it doesn’t really matter and to be honest you know if there’s texture there it kind of adds to the hairiness of the tiger my bride looks crazy because I made it look crazy I wanted it to look furry and dirty and feral bro if you will I don’t know I swear I need to like rejection area sort my vocal but we’re just gonna do something quick and.

Smokey can’t like a lot of liner a lot an inner corner action going on in that region just super smoky honestly you can do whatever kind of eye.

Look you want but I just feel like this ties in with it I cannot remember.

The last time I have to do a winged liner so let’s see if I still got just extended the inner corner to get.

Effect obviously we’re gonna go a little bit overboard with it because you know where our.

Half a tiger now I’m moving on to the day tae gab I have my reference pictures up here I just have the one I did and then also this picture of that eleganza line I have my face pants I’m three brushes so an orange one a black one and a white one so I’m starting with the orange first because it’s the one that’s furthest away the layers.

Are gonna look like they’re sitting on top I.

Brush back this way so you need to make sure that we start from the outside in if.

That makes sense I don’t know how to describe it but that’s just the way that.

You need to do it this orange is a little too orange so just mixing it with a little bit of blue to make it a little bit browner then just using flicking motions I’m gonna create hairlike effects as you can see from the picture all the hair kind of comes out the way so.

Literally just mimicking if we were a real tiger just like any animal we’re gonna go in with like mixtures of different layers and color so I’m going in with a slightly darker orange now next.

We’re moving onto the whites make any mistakes very easy just to go over so what I’m doing is kind.

Of covering the Bulgaria first and then we’ll go in and flick it out afterwards we’re graph this again after we have the black so I’m not being too precise with it just yet but just adding the small details first the more layers and colors that you add the more realistic this is going to look because what animal has perfectly combed hair I as a.

Human can say that I don’t even brush my hair so how the hell do you expect outlets to hmm ha ha moving on to the black we’re going to use a gel liner just because we aren’t going to be using this around our eyeballs and I don’t want this band in my aqua black really.

Is where you should be careful with your placement if you look at a tiger’s eye it kind of comes up but around and and all over the place I’ve ruined it already.

Again because this is an animal nothing is perfect so you can honestly be as messy easy I feel like that’s my life motto be as messy as you want with it everything in life everything we’re here for the best no point stressed no better everything works out the way.

It’s supposed to so what’s the point in stressing them at it that’s my life motto right.

There and I go back in with the white because the hairs again are coming this way so neither overlap everything think of it as layers taking a little bit of the white and just adding it to.

The waterline area here to kind of make it look like you know it’s wet a little bit I guess I’m just going by whatever I see in the image okay.

That’s why I’m doing it’s the easiest way a nice mess.

Up so Tigers don’t usually wear thick eyelashes but this is my animal princess and I’ll do whatever I want okay now that the biggest feature is done we’re just just our adding little details so the first time.

I did this I honestly just like shaded around my nose but I think I want to add a little bit of a nose going on we’re gonna make it look like we’re growling here.

All I did for the left is literally them in with a bride and then share it underneath and that’s the best thing ever because.

You do not have to worry about video doing your lip liner out whenever you’re right it’s gonna add that highlights no to the nose I don’t know if I’m not on this nose and wish I kind of just did it through the last time I feel like it looked like a little bit of pig this is.

Partner I’m making this bitch gory this is called fresh it’s called fresh scratch and is the best thing ever.

This is from Krylon fresh scratch and honestly this is how I create any of my gosh wounds or anything like that what I do is I just take a spoon II and literally don’t.

Get in there we’re gonna create a little a little slashed in my other this is so easy to work with and look so good making it look like this bitch just got all scratched up she was attacked by a lion no tiger even a.

Little bit more for this you could just do the one but let’s be extra.

Then taking my illustrator palettes and some free.

Alcohol we’re just gonna make this more messy and realistic looking I’m just taking my tweezers and kind of pulling.

Out of the sponge it’s gonna make it more holy I just added my little tooth necklace and I’m just adding more of the fresh grass just to kind of rough this up a little more I got it look a little bit more gory and stuff you see how easy that is T’s don’t have the fact of.

Easy Tiger Halloween Makeup 2018

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