Hi-yah a lot of pictures and videos you guys sent to me via email oh my gosh I’m here to share the pictures and the videos with you guys destructive breeds and then you guys we see this lady her hair is totally damaged and she still cannot the hell she was put in Lhasa here okay okay so I think.

It actually came out why I wanted it yeah I wanted it lighter brown darker Brown at my roots and lighter on my hand so I just put conditioner on it leave it like this for.

A day that I may turn it like tomorrow just look at this so in with look at these no edges and.

She still having tight weave a I think this woman already kept her saw in with modern 20 years what this video is nasty oh this heart you noticed I don’t know what is the name of this time woman you want to do Instagram style you oh.

You’re you’re this woman looks like Bald Mountain ox big much.

And you can see how she used this is called smashed my stop because I don’t have edges oh you go look at her forehead Hey look at this so in.

With I think this woman is having so.

Image look a very terrible and you can see her edges everything gone look at how tight these breasts looks the boss breasts very tight and the delay D is thick comfortable asserted deep breaths I.

Can’t you just noticed that side of your head everything is gone you are simply stick Gatorade eat.

Oh god is so in look at this her edges gone and she still ready to do another show in why I saw instead mother 5 yes look at this her edges girl nothing left as she stay ready to get bread ooh don’t wake me don’t wake me up don’t wake me down West look at these edges smashed futures snatched you don’t actually need to cover your face.

Just show your face because you are showing your briefs look at these very very tight the bridge looks neat why has cup is begging for help if the capital of Uganda is a Kampala what about the capital state of Africa Tanzania why because we because Uganda Tanzania we have we.

Are black Africa and then look at this twist not nice this one is no protective style oh my god you don’t bread edges just use something to live down the edges and then when they are bought later on this is how do we look like this or die every so in we live this is what is she still ready she’s totally bored no hair edges and she still ready to get Arnaud out with coo coo coo coo gnashed cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo come into.

John’s back for this let our own then we just be looking like this and no hair Luka.

Carlos I think this woman will stay with this chorus my god Oh smushed oh this person picked everything this one is no nice if she is to take out the brace her edges everything we just follow you can see Shi tou mo tension on her hair and before she’s 18 years everything will be gone and then later on they will all be looking like this which is terrible say no to destructive brains say no to destructive breads bye-bye.

Must Watch!! After Watching This You Will Never Braid Your Hair Again

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